FAQ for frog world championship

About the championshipS


+ What is the Frog World Championship 2019 about?

The Frog World Championship is a worldwide competition opened to all schools using FrogPlay, a gamified-learning feature on Frog. The Championship acts as a platform to encourage schools to leverage the use of FrogPlay to motivate students to learn in a fun, interactive and meaningful way through 21st century teaching and learning that uses game elements to develop skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication.

+ Is my school eligible to participate?

The FrogPlay Championship is an online competition and is open to:

  • Malaysia: Government schools with access to FrogPlay
  • Rest of World: Schools with access to FrogPlay

+ How do I join the Championship?

Just use FrogPlay! Log in to Frog and select FrogPlay to get started. Accumulate as many points as you can between 11 February - 15 March 2019 to stand a chance of winning amazing prizes.



+ I am a student. How can I gain more points?

The leaderboard will award you points based on your activities within FrogPlay. You can improve your scores by:

  • Consistently using FrogPlay throughout the competition and,
  • By completing as many quiz questions throughout the competition period between hours 7am – 10pm

Don’t forget to encourage your school to join in. Championships is much more fun with company!

+ I am a teacher. How can I help my school gain more points?

The leaderboard will award your school points based on teacher efforts as a collective to enable student learning through FrogPlay. You can improve your scores by:

  • As many teachers to use FrogPlay during the Championships
  • Creating original, unduplicated quizzes with 10 or more questions that has also been published to the school during the competition period between hours 7am – 10pm. Quizzes with fewer than 10 questions will not count towards the leaderboard

By creating and sharing more quizzes in your school, the greater chance your school can be in the lead.

+ I am a teacher. Can I create quizzes for any subject in school?

Sky’s the limit! Teachers are able to create quizzes for any subject ranging from languages, mathematics and so on. However, you must remember to publish it to your school so that your students are able to access them.

+ I am a teacher. Will a quiz of five (5) questions contribute to school points?

Great question! The purpose of the Championships is to create a conducive learning space for students to help unlock their potential. We encourage teachers to create at least 10 questions for each quiz created to reinforce learning concepts from the day.

+ How can my school gain more points?

Your school’s score will be determined by the sum of points accumulated by student and teacher points. Although our Leaderboard awards points everyday during the competition period, do remember that points will be given for activities between 7am – 10pm only. We applaud schools that are willing to go the extra mile and extending their learning hours. However, everyone deserves a break – even our leaderboard! Remember, learning is conducive and effective when the mind is refreshed.

+ Still have questions for us?

Get help through out support page here.


+ What are championship best practices for Students?

To ensure a fair challenge for all, we encourage students to:

- Do One Quiz at a Time;

We applaud your enthusiasm to attempt quizzes simultaneously.

However, we advise students to complete one quiz at a time so that learning is productive and focused. Keep one tab opened at a time so that you aren't distracted by the amount of quizzes you aim to do!

- Manage Your Time Well and;

Students are advised to take your time reading the questions carefully.

The next step is to answer questions confidently. Skip challenging questions and return to them later. Complete the quiz when ready to submit the answers.

We encourage you to use quizzes to learn new concepts and revise school topics. However, do give some time to repeat the same quiz so you understand what you have learnt instead of memorising the answers!

This is your chance to build good habits that is useful for future examinations!

- Keep Your Account Secure

The privacy and security of your account is our top priority. Keep your login details to yourself and remember to logout of any devices after you are done.

This way, you can avoid accidentally using another student’s account by mistake.

+ What are championship best practices for Teachers?

To ensure a fair challenge for all, we encourage teachers to create New Quizzes.

We applaud your enthusiasm to re-use quizzes that are available within your school. However, a great way to Power Up to constantly challenge student learning experiences, we encourage teachers to build new quizzes. It is easy to get inspired by quizzes other teachers have created, however, do remember that you know your classroom best! You are encouraged to assess and adapt these quizes to suit your classroom instead of solely duplicating the questions from other quizzes.

Tip: Talk to your classroom and build quizzes that you know they would learn from and love doing!

+ What are championship best practices for Schools?

We encourage schools to collaborate amongst students, teachers and senior leadership teachers to come up with strategies to encourage participation! Remember, it's more fun to see the whole school involved.

+ What are the Leaderboard Penalties during the Championship?

To ensure a fair experience for all, our Leaderboard will be monitoring participant behaviour through the competition period. The first time an inidividual has been flagged for suspicious activity, the Leaderboard will reset their points to zero. The frequency of reset can happen at any point during the Championship.

Please do not be discouraged, there is still time to catch up. Keep to the best practices and you will be fine!

+ Does Frog World Championship practice disqualification?

Yes we do.

An email shall be sent out and served as a warning letter to both school and individual if we suspect any suspicious activities.

If individuals continue to abuse the system, repeat offenders will be disqualified from the Frog World Championship. This is unfortunate however, we opt to provide a fair and enjoyable learning experience as possible!