have fun learning with Frog and stand a chance to win frog merchandise.

This challenge is open to all Yes4G students to help kick start the academic year in an exciting way!
Get started by completing FrogPlay quizzes in any subject between 7am - 10pm from 21st January - 8th February 2019.

Did you know that schools can win prizes too?

Encourage your students to learn independently while you are getting school onboarding processes in order!
By working together, these top schools can receive Frog Merchandise.

Winner Announcement

Return to this section of the website for winner announcements and shall be released March onwards.



Keep track of your progress through the Leaderboard! Top students and top schools in the country win attractive prizes!
There will not be any district or state winners or teacher leaderboard. Winning is based solely on Leaderboard points you gain.

20 x Student Prizes

1st Place : Frog Backpack + Winner Certificate
2nd Place : Frog Notebook + Winner Certificate
3rd Place : Frog Stationary + Winner Certificate
4th - 20th Place : Each will receive a set of Frog Badges & a certificate of recognition

20 x school prizes

1st Place : 300 Frog Badges + Winner Certificate
2nd Place : 200 Frog Badges + Winner Certificate
3rd Place : 100 Frog Badges + Winner Certificate
4th - 20th Place : Each will receive 50 Frog Badges & a certificate of recognition


Leaderboard details


how to earn points?

Activity of FrogPlay during Challenge Period and number of quiz questions completed

Sum of student points and is dependent on the number of students participating from school on that day

Please note the total points from 21st January - 8th February is the sum of all daily points.


Timeout time!

Remember to rest! For healthy study-life-balance, the Leaderboard will only award points
between hours 7am - 10pm daily. Use this break to recharge and start the challenge fresh the following day!



To ensure a fair challenge for all, our Leaderboard will be monitoring participant behaviour throughout the competition period.
Suspicious activities will result in point deductions from points gained within the Leaderboard. We highly encourage students to:


Do One Quiz At A Time

We applaud your enthusiasm to attempt quizzes simultaneously.

However, we advise students to complete one quiz at a time so that learning is productive and focused.

Manage your time well

Students are advised to answer the questions confidently. Skip challenging questions and return to them later. Complete the quiz when ready to submit the answers.

This is your chance to build good habits that is useful for future examinations!

Keep your Account Secure

The privacy and security of your account is our top priority. Keep your login details to yourself and remember to logout of any devices after you are done.

This way, you can avoid accidentally using another student’s account by mistake.